Being a writer conjures up the image of an old typewriter in a smoke-filled room and a waste paper basket overflowing with draft copies of the quest for fame and fortune.

Today being a writer, is a fantastic opportunity for the majority of people willing to give it a go. Self-publishing your work on a blog or Amazon is possible, and you don’t have to be rejected by hundreds of publishers that see your manuscript.

You can create your stories, publish them to Amazon and get a monthly commission from what they sell around the world to their millions of viewers in each country.

You will end up with income from,,, all from stories and ideas that you wrote from home in your 5pm to 9pm.

Were you away from your family? No.
Did it cost you a lot of money? No.

Most people reading this website will be using a smart device or pc on an internet connection, and that is all you need to write your first novel.

You may not even write a novel. It may be a collection of poetry or a recipe book or a how-to book on building children’s toys.

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