Our Time Commitment

Get The Most Out Of Your Day

Time Commitment: Value Your Time – Every Day.
There are 6 necessary conditions for success. Managing your time is one of the necessary conditions. Use these points to achieve your best self. Commit to using your “To-Do List”. Your list is a schedule for managing time and should include downtime. Schedule your time to include family, health, learning and leisure.

Learn to delegate and followup.
The first 90 minutes of your day is the most productive. Commit to getting the most out of the first 90 minutes. The last 90 minutes of the day, should be about you and your family.

Make time to regenerate your spirit.
Regenerate your spirit and get excited about what you can achieve tomorrow.

Make time to learn something new.
Review your Total Commitment Plan. Set aside 10 minutes each morning to affirm your total commitment. Concentrate on tasks that will have the most impact. Pay attention to all 6 necessary conditions.

Trello Time Management and Goal Setting

Time Management and Goal Setting With Trello

We recommend using the on-line time management tool TRELLO. This tool lets you mange your task like a Kanban board (Read The Phoenix Project).

New Members get access to the Lifestyle Commitment and Goal Setting Boards.

You can move the tasks around and apply colour and priority. A good way of using Trello is to first create a board for each project and then create a mind dump column. Everything you need to think about is just dumped into this column.

Assign every task a due date that will change colour as the time arrives, which reminds you to act on the task and move it to the Current Working column.

The Current Working column contains the job or jobs that you are currently working on, and each is completed, move it to the completed (Done) column. This lets you keep track of what has been completed and if you need to refer to a task that was done, it is easy to find

It’s a great way of managing your time.