Family Commitment

Guideline for creating a Family Mission Statement

Everyone gets a chance to contribute.

  • All Ideas should be written down, then summarised into the final statement.
  • It should be completed over multiple days/weeks not in five minutes. Set homework and schedule a weekly meeting to work on it as a family.
  • Example family questions to ask as a group.
    1. What is important to you about our family?
    2. How can we improve as a family?
    3. What can we do together regularly as a family that we can all enjoy?
    4. What embarrasses you about our family?
    5. What makes you want to come home?
    6. How can we all help out more?
    7. What are our family traditions that are important that we all attend.
    8. What extra help do we need, individually or as a group?
    9. What are our strengths.
    10. What can we save for as a family?
    11. What will be our conflict words that will trigger to stop and re-access a situation that everyone will commit to taking seriously?

Find bits and pieces of memory stock that will reinforce your total commitment to family. An example of memory stock is the wedding ring on your finger. It is there to remind you that the strongest shape in the world is a circle, It is a symbol that can be used to remind you every day of the commitment that you have made to your partner and your family circle.

  • Write your family Mission Statement.
  • Identify memory stock to reinforce your mission.
  • Set milestone dates to achieve as a family.

Write your regular family commitments onto your daily task sheet

Your family needs you, your friends need you, your work needs you. Everyone needs you. It’s time to work out what you need, and how to manage it.

Create A Family Mission Statement?

“A family mission statement is a combined, unified
expression from all family members of what your family is all about —
what it is you really want to do and be — and the principles you choose
to govern your family life.” -Stephen Covey

Family commitment is one of the 6 necessary conditions for total commitment.

Writing your family mission statement is important. It can provide the values and purpose, The parental vision and childhood commitments that tie the family together.

Complete the Family Mission Statement with your family. All family members should agree and participate in the family mission.