Financial Commitment

Pipeline Income Streams

Two people can be totally committed to a project and get vastly different results. Pipeline thinking helps you to understand the value of long term thinking and continuously striving to build pipelines of income that can produce results.

Income streams (pipelines), can come from a job, a bricks and mortar business, an on-line business or a network marketing business. Don’t rely on one income stream, learn to create many by building pipelines.

Not only can pipelines produce income, but they can produce stability and security if you create pipelines in different locations with different risks.

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To understand the opportunity that the internet can offer, learn the nine secret funnels available in the book “dotcom secrets” by Russel Brunson.

The 9 Secret Funnels

Financial Commitment

There are six necessary conditions for success. A total commitment to the 6 necessary conditions will provide the foundation for your success. Getting your finances in order is one of the necessary conditions, without adequate finance you will miss the opportunity that appears before you.

Build your lifestyle business in your 5pm to 9pm hours.

Learn about the internet and the opportunity that it can bring you.

Financial commitment and wealth creation needs to be defined and analysed.

The definition of wealth on Wall Street will be different from the definition of wealth by the Dalai Lama.

If we can build something that us useful, earn a living and serve others, we are wealthy.

Our financial commitment like all of our 6 necessary conditions is a constant search for improvement.

Learn how to not spend everything we earn. Learn how to find an opportunity to create multiple income streams that are not directly affected by each other and therefore reduce risk.

Learn how to network with people that can clarify an opportunity and help you grow your investment potential.

This is our financial commitment.

Read “The Richest Man In Babylon” to learn how to get your finances in order.

“If you have not acquired more than a bare existence in the years since we were youths, it is because you either have failed to learn the laws that govern the building of wealth, or else you do not observe them.”

Learn the laws that govern the building of wealth. Invest your 5pm to 9pm into building a lifestyle business

Traditional VS Lifestyle VS Network Business

Traditional Business

  • Business Requirements
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Professional Indemnity insurance
    • Other Business insurance
    • Business Tax Agent
    • Pay tax and claim expenses
    • Register your business
  • Come up with a name
    • Create business systems
    • Create the structure of the jobs
    • Employ people to do the jobs
      • Create the onboarding system
        • Pay Wages
        • Workers Comp Insurance
        • Superannuation
        • employee costs
      • Find competent managers
  • Create the product or buy the products
    • Design the manufacturing process
      • Come up with new products
      • Come up with new training
      • Come up with innovative Marketing IDeas
    • Design the buying process
      • Create relationships with suppliers
  • Create the delivery system
    • Pickup the raw material
    • Deliver the finished goods
  • Create the marketing system
    • Design the logo
    • Design marketing material
    • Design the Brand
    • Design the uniforms
    • Design the website
    • Design the email system
      • Mail servers
      • Autoresponders
  • Create the finance system
  • Create the training system
  • Warehouse the produce
  • Maintenance
    • Create a capital maintenance program
    • Keep everything running
  • And More …….

Lifestyle Business

Business Requirement

Find a subject that you are passionate about. (niche)

Research using:

  • Facebook swap buy and sell
  • Join eBay
  • Join Gumtree
  • Join Amazon

(Affiliate Marketing)

  • Public liability insurance.
  • Pay tax and claim expenses
  • Business Systems
    • You’ll need a computer and internet
    • No employees
  • Find new products to market
  • Create the affiliate link
  • Create the marketing system
    • Design the logo
    • Design marketing material
    • Design the Brand
    • Design the uniforms
    • Design the website
    • Design the email system
      • Mail servers
      • Autoresponders
    • Create a Social Media Campaign
    • Concentrate on SEO and PPC
    • Get paid commission from Affiliate
  • Repeat the process for your next product.


  • And More …….

Network Business

  • Business Requirements
    • Business Is Created For You
    • Public liability insurance.
    • Pay tax and claim expenses
    • Business Systems
      • Low-Cost Membership
      • No Staff
      • Products created for you
      • Delivery systems created for you
      • Finance Systems Created for you
      • Marketing Systems created for you

  • You need to take ownership and add your personality to the business.
  • Enormous potential, far greater than you can do on your own.

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We hear a lot about job security these days. But the simple fact is, if you have a job, you have no real security anymore! Today, job security is out. Lean and mean is in. Which means the next job to be downsized could be yours! So how do you create TRUE SECURITY for yourself and your family in a hired-today-and-fired-tomorrow workplace? The answer: Create your own security by building pipelines of residual income. In his latest book, The Parable of the Pipeline, Burke Hedges explains how virtually anyone can leverage their time, relationships, and money to become the millionaire next door. The Parable of the Pipeline: * Why job security is an illusion… and why pipelines of residual income provide the only TRUE SECURITY * Why pipelines are the secret behind every million-dollar fortune * Why one pipeline is worth a thousand paychecks * How to build a million-dollar pipeline on less than $4 a day! * How average people without a lot of money can leverage their time and relationships to create the Ultimate Pipeline * How to start living your dreams today by building a 5-year lifestyle pipeline, while planning for the future by building a 50-year retirement pipeline. INTI Publishing Books to Build a Better You!