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Blogging as a lifestyle

Being a Blogger can be a lifestyle business.

You could create a blog and write about your travels. A great example of this is my wife’s favourite site, the Hawaiian admirer. This blog was created by an Australian lady that visits Hawaii every year and decided to write about it. Sharing tips, photos and local secrets of her trips to Hawaii.

There are 6 Necessary Conditions to starting a business. Your health, your time, your family, your willingness to learn, your financial position, and your faith in your abilities.

If you are willing to apply effort to all 6 necessary conditions, you will have the support necessary to start the business building process. Having commitment to the six necessary conditions doesn’t guarantee success, but, not having commitment almost always guarantees failure.

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Ebay Sales

ebay business book cover

Imagine working in an industry you love, getting up every morning and looking forward to your day. A lifestyle business can give you that feeling.

Let’s pick an industry that a lot of people love and find a way of building a lifestyle business around that industry.


Let’s pick golf and basketball.
Both sports have a large following and are full of passionate participants and spectators. All of which purchase goods and services provided by the sports industry. A lot of the products and memorabilia can be found on eBay.

Building a lifestyle business is about creating an income stream that will fit into your preferred lifestyle.

Using a resource like Fiverr, is a great way to get artists content created that you can them use on t-shirts, cups, pens and other saleable items. Owning the artistic content means that you can build up assets that can be created ongoing. The challenge is to find the content and products that sell. Start small, research your market and find your success.

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The Artist

The ARtist Cover video

I know many artists and have dabbled in some drawing in the past. When I am drawing, I find it very calming and peaceful. It is a passion project that I intend to pursue when I complete a few more immediate challenges.

How can drawing, painting or any of the arts turn into a lifestyle business? I believe it completely fits the six necessary conditions that make it worth your time and effort.

The effort can be applied between 5pm and 9pm, from home. You can manage your own time to build something useful. You can allocate time for family and exercise. But, how do you make money.

If you are great at anything, you can make money. But what if you are not a great artist. Use your passion for art, and focus your mind. Learn to search the net for creative commons artwork. Find great designs that you can use for inspiration.

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The Writer

Being a writer video cover

Being a writer conjures up the image of an old typewriter in a smoke-filled room and a waste paper basket overflowing with draft copies of the quest for fame and fortune.

Today being a writer, is a fantastic opportunity for the majority of people willing to give it a go. Self-publishing your work on a blog or Amazon is possible, and you don’t have to be rejected by hundreds of publishers that see your manuscript.

You can create your stories, publish them to Amazon and get a monthly commission from what they sell around the world to their millions of viewers in each country.

You will end up with income from,,, all from stories and ideas that you wrote from home in your 5pm to 9pm.

Were you away from your family? No.
Did it cost you a lot of money? No.

Most people reading this website will be using a smart device or pc on an internet connection, and that is all you need to write your first novel.

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Network Marketing

Business Network Delegates

What do you need, to build a Network Marketing Lifestyle Business?
Network Marketing can be a lifestyle business and the business concept is created for you.

  • You may still need public liability insurance. Check with your sponsor.
  • You are in business, so you will pay tax and claim expenses.
  • Business Systems may include;
    • Low-Cost Membership
    • No Staff
    • Products created for you
    • Delivery systems created for you
    • Finance Systems Created for you
    • Marketing Systems created for you 

What will help you to succeed? 

  • You need to take ownership and add your personality to the business.
  • Follow a proven path, learn from your sponsors and upline.
  • Enormous potential, far greater than you can do on your own.

Do your research. 

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