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    Warren Moore

    Selling on Ebay can be a lifestyle business

    ebay business book cover

    Build a successful eBay business:

    Imagine working in an industry you love, getting up every morning and looking forward to your day. A lifestyle business can give you that feeling.

    Let’s pick an industry that a lot of people love and find a way of building a lifestyle business around that industry.


    Let’s pick golf and basketball.
    Both sports have a large following and are full of passionate participants and spectators. All of which purchase goods and services provided by the sports industry. A lot of the products and memorabilia can be found on eBay.

    Building a lifestyle business is about creating an income stream that will fit into your preferred lifestyle.

    Build an eBay Affiliate Business
    Steps to follow:

    • Find a product
    • Find a profitable market for the product
    • Supply the market with the product.

    Find a product on eBay with a reputable seller. Purchase the product from the seller to confirm the quality and delivery process.

    Create a website dedicated to the range of products in your category.

    Create an affiliate account with the eBay partner network.

    Link your products on your website directly to the affiliate link on eBay.

    Find new customers for your products and direct them to eBay to make the purchase.

    When the purchase is successful, you will earn a commission on the sale of the products.

    You haven’t had to create the product, package the product or deliver the product.
    All you had to do is market the product.

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