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Everyone will be able to reach greatness at some point in there lives. Group greatness is achieved regularly when you are part of a team. Every weekend, somewhere in Australia, teams commit to each other with a common goal, focused on group success. This common goal of not letting your team mates down, boosts your energy and spirit so that you can be better than is possible on your own.

Often people are able to achieve great things when the reason for setting the goal is not their own. I have heard stories of people getting great strength when they have to free complete strangers from dangerous situations, being able to stretch, lift and run away carrying other people to safety. This strength is not available to you just because you set a goal, it is because a “Total Commitment” is created with the fight or flight response that has been built into our spirit over generations. It is our survival mechanism.

Today we invite you to investigate the benefit of working with other members of Total Commitment Cloud.  Helping each other to achieve their collective best.


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