What Does Total Commitment Mean To You?

Total Commitment is a mindset. It takes dedication and a belief that the gain will be worth the pain to achieve success in all aspects of your life.

Six Necessary Conditions

A necessary condition means that all conditions carry the same weight. If you only concentrate on one necessary condition, you will fail. All conditions are required.

  1. Health Commitment
  2. Time Commitment
  3. Family Commitment
  4. Learning Commitment
  5. Financial Commitment
  6. Spiritual Commitment

Our Mission is to encourage you to rethink your life and achieve a true life balance.

Life is tough. If you are going through the motions of getting up in the morning, going to work, getting home late, eat, sleep and starting over again just to make ends meet, it’s not a system that you can do forever. It will eat you up and spit you out. That’s the life of people with high cholesterol and obesity. Your family doesn’t know who you are and your friends get to see you only on facebook.

There can be a better way. In this modern internet-connected world, there will be opportunities created by individuals that will change the world. If a student can invent facebook and change the way we all communicate, what will be next?

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Dignity and Self-Respect

When men and women grow up without a dream or desire, that’s poverty. If you don’t feel needed, you lose your basic sense of dignity and self-respect. We will provide the road map and the direction, you will do the work and earn self-respect. What if you could learn how to market a product or service online, work from home, and make money while you take your kids to basketball?

  • Your daily routine could be organised (time commitment) to include taking a walk or going to the gym (health commitment).
  • You could get up early or work late, either way, you are doing it from home with time available for your family and friends (family commitment) or you could be meeting at a coffee shop or a hotel room in Hawaii.
  • You are excited about the opportunities, you have faith in yourself and the people around you. (Spiritual Commitment)
  • Your income streams (financial commitment) cover different sectors of the market and provide adequately for you and your family to live a happy life.
  • You spend your days finding new and interesting (learning commitment) marketing ideas, products, services and customers to support, that will increase your income (financial commitment).

Total commitment is a constant search for improvement.

Free Enterprise

Free enterprise provides the opportunity for people to create their own future. You could build something special that will change your life, the lives of your family and the community. If you believe in Free Enterprise, you understand the potential that the future holds. It’s not about getting a good education, then a good job. It’s the freedom to know that you can work 9 to 5 to pay your bills, then use your unproductive time between 5 – 9 to achieve these goals.

Being Truly Wealthy is having control of both your time and your money, thereby providing the opportunity to build something; earn a living and serve others.

Self-dignity and self-respect come from building something useful.

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Which one effects you the most?

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Quora Question: Which commitment is most important for success, health, family, time, learning, financial, or spiritual commitment?

It’s been my experience that once I got spiritually fit all those others things fell into place.

Brian Ogborn, Engineer (1992-present)

The most important commitment is to growing your awareness and understanding that all these different perceived seperate elements of your life is just an illusion. You are not all these different things. Is there a place where one starts and another begins? is there a place where health ends and family begins? What part of you is not family? What part of you is not learning?… The ego-self is obsessed with compartmentalising, dividing everything up.

You are one thing, and success is being in harmony with your life unfolding in the timeless present. When you can truly deeply understand this and able to surrender to the truth of it, then all these perceived differences will dissolve away to reveal the reality that you are one thing. And it will all flow, life will flow a lot more easily.

Bryan Duffy, Documentary filmmaker meditating 30+ years

Commitment to self. When you commit to being the best you can be, then you’ll find the proper balance. You need all those things to be successful, and can’t just commit to one. Success can be in one area, but for overall success you’d have to consider the whole thing. You’d be the whole thing, so you’d have to focus on you.

Commit to one area and others will be neglected, focus on self and you’ll know what area needs focus and when.

S. Alexis Friday

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I am finding Total Commitment Cloud useful and interesting already so look forward to more posts on there. I am also making the time to read books each day too which always feels good.

Suzie Winter